Food Commons Fresno

Fresno is the most fertile agricultural production region in the world. Abundant with big business agriculture enterprises, Fresno is also home to a burgeoning organic food production scene. Food Commons Fresno exists to explore, grow and facilitate economic development around the sustainable production of food crops for people in our region to access and enjoy.

What we did

We partnered with Food Commons Fresno's founding team, and Food Commons national level leadership to discover together what shape a brand that represented their ethos and mission would take.

Early on, our process relied heavily on co-creation sessions and workshops designed to spur insight into what each team member's vision was for the organization. Ppl parsed this vision into a collective package of visual assets and guidance comprising the essence and ideals of Food Commons Fresno.

These efforts have cascaded into the organization's video storytelling, product packaging, print collateral, offsite event presence, evolving as Food Commons Fresno's operations and staff have grown from the core founding team in a single location, to three locations (including their own farm!) and over 30 employees in three years time.


We got acquainted with Food Commons Fresno's trusted vendor farmers. Each has their own story and philosophies on farming food.


Food Commons Fresno’s logo depicts the agricultural process of grafting. In this practice, a fresh young plant is embedded in an older plant to facilitate new growth and replenished production. This apt analogy speaks to FCF’s role in helping usher in a new era for Fresno’s food system. Our design and brand guidance has been applied across the spectrum of Food Commons Fresno's communication, print collateral and product packaging needs.

The Best Part

The Ppl and Food Commons Fresno collaboration continues with ongoing branding and video efforts, as Food Commons Fresno continues their push to integrate more fully into Fresno's food systems.